by: Bernie Howgate
Published by:
487 Saint Andrew Street E.
Fergus, ON N1M, CANADA

E-Mail.: berniehowgate@hotmail.com
286 pages, paperback ( Limited First Edition )
C/W maps, Illustrations and B/W photographs
Price: 25.00 $ CND. Postage included
( Add 2.00 $ CND outside Canada )

Globe and Mail, May 9th 1990

Howgate's book about an eight year odyssey by bicycle around the world is a journey not only in the physical sense, but also through the earthy and sometimes disturbing subculture of the uprooted and transient who move slowly along roads not usually frequented by today's vacationers.

Howgate's tale is a loomy mixture of observations and personal experiences, the most colorful of which unfolded on the Asian leg of his journey and ranged from the horror of a friend's rape in Singapore to a dangerous journey through Nepal and life among the die-hard remnants of hippie communes in and around the Indian city of Goa.

There is, finally, the cultural decompression of arriving at a European airport after three years in Asia and Africa:

" Where I had been, people waved their characters about like flags in the air and the smooth crust of life had only lasted the length of time it took to chip it's surface. I was used to the sounds of life; roars of laughter,shouts of anger, whistles, cat calls, but most of all the background hum of chatter. Here people were sophisticated, civilized and cool. Fashions had changed. That worn-in travel gave way to designer tears and primary colors, so much part of my everyday life, now paled to the eye."

Howgate has an ear for dialogue, a talent for writing and better-than-average illustrator skills.


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