by: Bernie Howgate
Published by:
487 Saint Andrew Street E.
Fergus, ON N1M, CANADA

206 pages, paperback ( Limited First Edition )
C/W maps, Illustrations and B/W photographs
Price: 25.00 $ CND. Postage included
( Add 2.00 $ CND outside Canada )

Howgate's book is about a nine month solo 2500 kilometres snowshoe and kayaking trip up the rugged Labrador coastline. Once again Bernie has cut right to the bone. His book not only paints a vivid picture of the isolated landscape he passed through but of it's communities where hospitality reigns supreme.

"For the last six weeks I've been suffering from lack of sleep. In my dreams I've just made camp. Suddenly, a snow drift moves. It's a polar bear and it's coming in my directions. My brain says run, my legs say no. I don't know what happens next because at that point I always wake up."

For someone who is planning to leave on an eight month 2500 kilometres solo trip of the Labrador coastline and who has no experience of snow shoeing, let alone sea kayaking, dreams like this are understandable.

 To see extracts of the book please press here. Journey Through Labrador.