by: Bernie Howgate
Published by:
487 Saint Andrew Street E.
Fergus, ON N1M, CANADA

216 pages, paperback ( Limited First Edition )
C/W maps, Illustrations and B/W photographs
Price: 25.00 $ CND. Postage included
( Add 2.00 $ CND outside Canada )




Bernie's off-the-beaten-track account of his bike trip across Canada not only captures the amazing differences in it's landscape but also of it's people. He takes you into the homes of the ordinary folk who befriend him, travelling on a shoestring and without a tent for protection. Night fall could as easily find him camped out under the stars on an isolated beach as taking shelter in a abandoned house during a thunderstorm. Barns and churches were his favorite home away from home while police stations were his least. Roadside chats often stretched into three-course meals then overlapped into restful nights between clean sheets. Meeting people has always been the name of his game and once again Bernie has captured their spirit.

" It was 7:30 a.m. I had just finished a condemned man's breakfast of limp toast and lumpy porridge. Outside, the rain was pelting down. Curbs had turned into mini-waterfalls and streets into rapids. My brain said let's go, but my body wouldn't budge. Bernie was not a happy camper. I was, as we North Americans put it, psyched out. For sixty minutes I stayed glued to the spot. I was excusing myself. Too much rain, too much traffic. One last cigarette. I was just beginning to enjoy the misery when the rain stopped. The sun popped out and the streets started to stream.

It was 9:30 a.m. by the time I found Victoria's mile 0 signpost marking the beginning of the Trans Canada Highway. There were no media in attendance, no Trans Canada groupies to talk to or early morning joggers to wave at. I didn't dip my toe into the Pacific, break a glass of champagne over the rickshaw or ask God's blessing. If I was to feel special, it didn't happen. The 6000 plus kilometres I would have to cycle to the finish line hadn't even registered. I couldn't even think past the next bend, let alone Newfoundland".

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