by: Bernie Howgate
Published by:
487 Saint Andrew Street E.
Fergus, ON N1M, CANADA

238 pages, paperback ( Limited First Edition )
C/W maps, Illustrations and B/W photographs
Price: 25.00 $ CND. Postage included
( Add 2.00 $ CND outside Canada )

If God looks after his chosen fools, then Bernie has led a charmed life. Although he is constantly stretching his body to its limits, whether traveling by snowshoe or sea kayak in Canada's north, meeting people has always been the name of his game and the great outdoors has been his religion. His books are full of humour and real people. They are anechdotal in style with a simple rythm that seduces the armchair traveller into believing anyone could do these things.

This book about a 4500km sea kayaking trip from Toronto down the Saint Lawrence to Goose Bay, Labrador is no exception. Once again, he takes his readers on a roller from a near death experience on Quebec's rugged Lower North Shore, to the traditional warm embrace of a Labradorian pot-luck-supper. Done on a shoe string with no objective other than it would be a good way to fill in summer, his book is less an adventure of self discovery as just a fun thing to do that went badly astray.