Sea Kayaking:

4500 km sea kayaking trip

round the coastline of Newfoundland

May to September 2000


Bernie's Voyage has started. Please press the Corner Brook button on the map above to access Bernie's diaries and images.

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List of diaries.

Collen Lewis's article from the Western Star.

August 22 nd: Corner Brook, I'VE MADE IT !

August 20 th: My mind keeps drifting,drifting,drifting watching the waves go by.

August 18 th: The long yawn!

August 16 th: Rest and relaxation.

August 12 th: The old machine is wearing down.

August 8 th: Finally rounded Cape Norman

August 5th: The Roaring 40's

August 3rd: Visibility fair in rain and poor in fog, but watch out for those clear days.

August 1 st: FOG-FOG-FOG

July 28 th: GIVE ME A BREAK - White Bay.

July 26 th: OOPS!.

Special: See Bernie in this CBC Newfoundland interview in Real Audio.

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July 22 nd: Notre Dame Bay.

July 20 th: Par for the course on DILDO RUN.

July 15 th: Bonavista Bay - HOT-HOT-HOT.

July 12 th: Cape Bonavista.

July 10 th: My nightmare is over.

July 5 th: A halfwayhouse called St. John's.

July 3 rd: Hello and goodbye.

July 1 st: Cape Race to St. John's

June 26 th: What ever happened to the lighthouses ?

June 24 th: Crossing St. Mary's Bay ?.

June 23 rd: Any beer on the go Boy ?.

June 21 st: What comes around goes around.

June 19 th: Cape St. Mary's.

June 19 th: Placentia Bay from Dantzic Point to Argentia.

June 13 th: Climbing a mountain called Dantzic Point.

June 8 th: Harbour Breton to Point Rose.

June 6 th: A good lie is better than the boring truth.

June 5 th: Is anybody out there

June 3 rd: Burgeo to McCallum

June 2 nd: Port -Aux-Basques to Burgeo

May 29th: Hospitality.

May 27th: Port au Port to Codroy.  

May 24th: Corner Brook to Port au Port.  

May 14th: On my way to Corner Brook.

April 25th: Leaving Sept-Îles for Corner Brook, Newfoundland.


To access my weekly diaries, map illustrations and pictures, please press on the seven links on the main map above. If any interested school groups or individuals wish to contact me on route, please use this e-mail address:

I would like to thank Newfoundland & Labrador tourism for giving me permission to use some of their archival pictures to illustrate this site.

This trip has been endorsed by the following associations and societies:

The Royal Geographic Society, England
The Explorer's Club
The Wilderness Club of Canada
Kayaking and Canoeing Club of Canada
The Toronto Board of Education



Links and equipment:

I do not list the following links out of any need to reciprocate sponsorship. My golden rule is: if you cannot afford to take an extended trip without sponsorship, you shouldn't plan one. If you get sponsorship it should be treated as icing on the cake. I give these manufacturers and stores list of links because I have found over the years their equipment reliable, their service honest and their backslapping optimism towards my adventures and my sometimes bizzar character, just what the doctor ordered.

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Bernie's golden rule #2: allow yourself an open-ended return ticket. If a trip looks like taking six weeks - allow for eight weeks. Haste and not the weather is the major killer. If your hands are tied because of time constrictions make sure your life insurance policy is paid up-to-date before leaving.

To all you budding travellers, good luck, Bernie.